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5 Best Summer Advertising Products for Small Businesses

5 Best Summer Advertising Products for Small Businesses

Outdoor promotional products for businesses are ideal for boosting your visibility during the summer months because of the great weather. For one, they are quite colorful and can draw attention. They also allow you to include customized messaging and imagery that reflects your brand. Their uses are limitless and the product choices are plentiful. Listed below are five of the top items that are tailor-made for making a lasting impression on your customers and prospects.

1. Keep Things Cool With an Ice Cream Flag

Ice cream feather flags are a good way to get noticed in a busy market. Since ice cream is a popular summertime treat, you should have no problem luring customers into your establishment. This flag boasts a big, colorful ice cream cone image. It stands at 12 feet in height, so it's hard to ignore.

There are two placement options. You can place the flag outside your front door using an x-stand. The other method is simply sticking it in the ground. Ice cream flags are very inexpensive. The budget-friendly cost allows you to purchase as many as you need to promote your company. Additionally, the material is well made and can last for years to come.

These flags are an attractive promotional item that suits your needs whether you own an ice cream shop or you're giving away ice cream during a special sales event.

2. Fire Things Up With Barbecue Flags

BBQ feather flags are just what you need to spread the word about your delicious food. The vibrant, bright font in sizzling BBQ is hard for any barbecue lover to ignore. Summer and grilling go hand-in-hand. These flags let customers know where to go to get the best BBQ in town. With these flags, you can stand head-and-shoulders above your competitors. Use them wherever people are hungry!

  • Restaurants
  • Food trucks
  • Food stands
  • Food festivals
  • Pop ups

You can get maximum visibility with two size options. The sizes are 5 feet and 12 feet in height. Additionally, they have a no-wind design. The benefit of this feature is that the flag remains visible without any wind. The flag design serves the purpose of luring hungry customers your way.

3. Bring the Shade With Logo Patio Umbrellas

Patio umbrellas are the ideal combination of practicality and promotion. These items give your potential and existing customers the shade they crave during the dog days of summer. Popular  custom market umbrella sizes include 9 foot and 7.5-foot options.

Advertising patio umbrellas are customizable to suit your needs. You have multiple color options for the canopy. Plus, you can make a bold statement for your brand recognition by adding your logo, slogan or any other images or text. These patio umbrellas are well-suited for:

  • Restaurants 
  • Wineries
  • Breweries
  • Trade shows
  • Events
  • Farmers Market Booths

These flags get more eyes on your company. They are a great way to demonstrate your professional style while appealing to prospects and customers.

4. Blow Things Up With Giant Advertising Balloons

Do you believe in the motto: "Go big or go home?" If so, a giant cold air balloon is a solid solution when you're looking to get the word out about a major sale or event. The 20-foot inflatables attract attention 24/7. Plus, your company gets maximum exposure at a minimum cost. In fact, these gigantic balloons cost much less than a few other promotional practices, such as hiring a sign spinner or buying online ad campaigns.

Huge advertising balloons are sturdy and made with heavy duty material. This ensures you can get the maximum use of them over the long haul. Big, bold and colorful inflatables can be custom designed to your specifications.

5. Spin Away With Spinner Signs

flashy spinner sign adds a bit of whimsy to your promotional activities. A sign that dances, shakes and spins is eye-catching because it's something that consumers are not used to seeing. Summers all about fun and these innovative signs deliver the goods – and foot traffic to your business.

A spinner sign is made from durable 10-mil coro-plast. This guarantees that it can withstand multiple uses. Like many advertising products, it can be customized to your liking. Arrow spinner signs are double sided, so your company logo and/or messaging will not go unnoticed. Finally, it's one of the most cost-effective promotional items for attracting new customers without breaking your budget.

Sizzling Summertime Marketing Solutions

Summers are full of excitement, amusement and joy. You can capture that energy with the right promotional items. While there are tons of products to choose from, the 10 mentioned above are among the best. They are perfect for marketing your business, promoting your sales or advertising your event. These high-impact, low-cost advertising items are must-haves. They are effective marketing tools that can draw the attention of existing customers and potential clients this summer.

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