115g Knitted Polyester For Durability & Longer Lifespan

No wind needed. Flag is visible at all times

Includes: Rope at bottom of flag & brass grommets

1-Year Manufacturer's Defect Warranty For Pole Sets

BBQ Feather Flag

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BBQ Feather Flag
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12ft Feather Flag Ground Spike Pole Set
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12ft Feather Flag Ground Spike Pole Set
Sku: 10A0550212 48 Reviews
12ft Feather Flag Ground Spike Pole Set
12ft Feather Flag Pole Set & X-Stand Set
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12ft Feather Flag Pole Set & X-Stand Set
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12ft Feather Flag Pole Set & X-Stand Set
12ft Feather Flag Pole Set X-Stand & Water Bag Set
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12ft Feather Flag Pole Set X-Stand & Water Bag Set
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12ft Feather Flag Pole Set X-Stand & Water Bag Set
12ft Feather Flag X Stand & Ground Spike Pole Set
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12ft Feather Flag X Stand & Ground Spike Pole Set
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12ft Feather Flag X Stand & Ground Spike Pole Set


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Who can resist a good barbecue? While the delicious smell of food can draw in customers, your potential diners need to be able to find your location. A LookOurWay BBQ feather flag is the ideal way to advertise your food to hungry customers while you focus on the grill.

These bold black, red and yellow banners come in lengths of 5 feet and 12 feet, and they're ideal for restaurants with a grill as well as food trucks and food events. If your grill is away from the main road or you have a food truck or pop-up event that locals may not be familiar with, a bright, portable banner is an ideal way to let customers know you're serving up something delicious.

A BBQ banner attracts walk-by and drive-by customers who may suddenly realize they’re hungry, and a flag is one of the most time- and cost-effective options. 

Features of Our BBQ Feather Flag

  • Bold lettering and bright, high-visibility design to attract customers to your barbecue

  • High-quality, durable knitted polyester fabric

  • UV- and weather-resistant and wind rated up to 25mph

  • Mirror image on the back of the flag

  • Lightweight and portable if your location changes or your barbecue offering is seasonal

  • No-wind design for visibility even on still days

Buy Your BBQ Feather Flag From LookOurWay Today

LookOurWay banners offer a great way to make customers look at your business — it’s right there in our name. We have all the products you need to advertise your BBQ, including poles and accessories, in one place. Order online for great prices and fast shipping right to your door. And if you have any questions, our exceptional customer service team has you covered.

If you’re firing up the grill at your business, order a BBQ banner from LookOurWay today.

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Shipping Info

Ships to all 48 U.S. contiguous states.
Please contact us for shipping to Hawaii, Alaska or international.

Maintenance Info

Do not expose in harsh weather conditions (storms, high-winds, etc.)
Make sure to store away properly when not in use.

Specifications Info

Feather Flag Height: 12ft
Assembled on Pole Height: 13ft
Fits LookOurWay brand 12ft poles


Feather Flag Height: 5ft
Assembled on Pole Height: 7ft
Fits LookOurWay Small Feather Flag Hardware

Weight: 2 lb
WARNING: Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers, Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

How do I assemble my feather flag with pole set hardware?

Feather Flag Assembly Instructions - Click to view


What material do we use for our feather flags?

All our flags are made with durable, knitted polyester. Our predesigned options are available in 115g polyester and custom flags are available in 100g material. This material is UV-resistant and rated for wind speeds up to 25 mph. The material is also weather-resistant, but we recommend not displaying our flags outdoors on rainy or snowy days to extend their lifespan.

Our feather flag products meet B1, M2, BS 5852, NFPA 701 and FZ/T 62011 fire resistance standards. You can count on all LookOurWay products to be durable and remain effective throughout their lifespans.


What is the difference between the ground-spike and x-stand pole set?

The X-Stand Pole set is used for areas with hard solid flat surfaces, while our ground-spike pole set can be put in soil (the ground).


What is the water bag used for?

The water bag is used to secure flags with the cross base or x-stand poleset. This is recommended for customers where wind may be an issue.