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Why Won’t My Air Dancer Work?

Why Won’t My Air Dancer Work?


You already know how captivating an air dancer's dance can be. These colorful, towering inflatables have emerged as recognizable symbols for companies and events because of their effortless swaying and dancing that draws inquisitive spectators. 

Air dancers, also known as inflated tube men or flailing arm tubes, are made to be straightforward, durable, and striking. 

But what happens when your air dancer abruptly loses its rhythm? The good news is that the majority of problems can be fixed by using some troubleshooting steps.

In order to guarantee your tube guy's flawless performance, setup is crucial. Consider it an important part of setting the scene for a memorable dancing sequence. Check out this instructional for a step-by-step setup guide.

So, whether you're a business owner trying to attract new customers or you just want to spruce up your backyard barbecue, let's dive into air dancers and discover how to get them shimmying and shaking again.

Why Isn't My Air Dancer Standing Up All the Way?

Alright, so you've got your air dancer up, but it's not quite striking the pose you expected? Don't worry, we've got your back. Let's tackle this challenge and get your dancer standing tall and proud once again!

Verify Your Blower Is Powerful Enough for The Dancer

Imagine trying to dance with a pair of shoes that are two sizes too big—it just wouldn't work, right? Well, your air dancer is no different! The blower provides the "oomph" that keeps your dancer's arms flailing and body swaying. If the blower isn't up to the task, your dancer might end up slumping.

Tip: Double-check the blower's specifications. Is it the right size and power for your custom inflatable tube man? If not, consider upgrading to a more suitable blower. A blower with insufficient power might struggle to maintain the dancer's posture, leaving it looking a bit deflated.

Check The Air Dancer for Leaks

A tiny leak can turn into a big problem when it comes to sky dancers. Just like a leak in a tire can cause it to go flat, even a small hole in your dancer's fabric can lead to it losing its vibrant stance.

Tip: Here's a little detective work: Inflate your dancer and closely examine its surface, paying special attention to the seams. Look for any visible damage or hissing sounds that might indicate air escaping. If you spot a leak, don't worry! Small tears or holes can often be easily patched with a repair kit. Just a little patch-up and your dancer will be back on its feet, ready to groove for your outdoor advertising.

With a secure installation and a fabric that's in tip-top shape, your air dancer will be back to swaying and swooping in no time.

Does Your Air Dancer Need a Little TLC?

Just like us, air dancers appreciate a little care and attention. If your dancer has been grooving outdoors for a while, it might have accumulated dirt, debris, or moisture that's affecting its performance.

Tip: Give your dancer a gentle wipe-down to remove any dirt or moisture. A clean dancer not only looks better but also moves more freely.

Why Is The Blower Moving In Place While Running?

Make Sure The Surface Under The Blower Is Level and Dry

Your blower's like the DJ of the dance floor, pumping in the energy to keep the party alive. But just like a DJ needs a stable setup, your blower needs a solid stage too. If the ground beneath the blower is uneven or damp, it might be causing it to wobble or slide.

Tip: Take a peek at where your blower is set up. Is the ground level? Are there any bumps, dips, or uneven surfaces underneath? Also, check if the ground is dry; moisture can make things slippery and lead to unexpected blower moves. Placing a sturdy board or platform under the blower can help create a level and stable surface, preventing those unwanted dance moves.

Now, just like a choreographed routine, your blower will stay in one spot, ensuring a seamless dance performance for your air dancer. With a little attention to detail, you'll have both your blower and dancer in perfect harmony!

Check The Blower's Positioning

Imagine a dance partner stepping on your toes—not the most coordinated routine, right? Similarly, if your blower isn't positioned correctly, it might be causing it to shimmy and shake. Make sure the blower is placed securely and isn't resting against any obstacles.

Tip: Gently reposition the blower and ensure that it's on a flat, stable surface. If there are objects or obstacles nearby, give the blower some breathing room. A little adjustment might be all it takes to transform those awkward moves into a steady rhythm.

Inspect The Blower's Ventilation

Just like a dancer needs room to move, your blower needs proper airflow to operate smoothly. If the blower's ventilation is obstructed or limited, it might be struggling to maintain its composure.

Tip: Check the blower's vents. Are they clear of debris, dirt, or anything that could be blocking the airflow? Keep the area around the blower clean and clutter-free. Proper ventilation will help the blower do its job without doing an impromptu dance routine.

Why Is My Air Dancer Coming Off The Blower? 

Check the Velcro Attachments to Make Sure They're Secure

Just like a dancer's outfit needs proper fastening, your air dancer relies on secure velcro attachments to stay connected to the blower. If these attachments are loose or improperly fastened, it could lead to your dancer making an unplanned exit.

Tip: Take a look at the velcro attachments where your air dancer connects to the blower. Are they tightly secured? If not, give them a firm press to ensure a snug fit. Over time, velcro can lose its grip, so checking and adjusting it periodically can keep your dancer on stage.

Try Lower Settings on the Blower

Imagine dancing to a song that's too fast—it's hard to keep up, right? Similarly, if the blower's power settings are too high, it might be creating too much force, causing your air dancer to come loose.

Tip: Adjust the blower's settings to a lower power level. This will reduce the airflow and prevent the dancer from being overwhelmed. Think of it as finding the perfect tempo for your dancer's routine—not too fast, not too slow.

Inspect the Dancer's Connections

Like a dance duet, your mini air dancer and blower need to be in sync. If there's a misalignment or a hitch in the connections, your dancer might be tempted to step offstage.

Tip: Examine the connections between the inflatable tube man and the blower. Are they properly aligned and securely fastened? Ensure that the dancer's attachment point is seated correctly on the blower's outlet. A little adjustment here could make a big difference in keeping your dancer attached, especially during high winds.

Why Isn't My Blower Turning On?

Try a Different Outlet

Sometimes outlets can be a bit finicky, and they might not deliver the power your blower needs to start dancing.

Tip: Grab your blower's plug and try a different outlet. Sometimes, a change is all it takes to get the party started. Also, check if the outlet itself is working by testing it with another device. It's like giving your blower a fresh dance floor—one that's ready to provide the power it craves.

Inspect the Power Cord and Plug: Are They in Sync?

Just like a dance duo needs perfect coordination, your blower's power cord and plug need to be in sync for that magical connection. If there's any damage or a loose fit, it could be causing the blower to remain silent.

Tip: Examine the power cord and plug for any signs of wear, fraying, or damage. Ensure that the plug is inserted securely into the outlet and the blower. If the power cord isn't looking its best, it might be time for a replacement. A well-coordinated power cord and plug duo will have your blower tapping its toes in no time!

Check Safety Features and Reset Buttons

Just like a safety net for a trapeze artist, your blower might have safety features to protect it. If something seems off, it might be triggered, preventing the blower from turning on.

Tip: Look for any reset buttons or switches on the blower. Press the reset button if applicable, and make sure any safety features are properly reset. Sometimes, a simple reset is all your blower needs to come back to life, ready to groove.

Can I Make a Warranty Claim?

If your air dancer encounters any hiccups along the way, there's help at your fingertips.

At Look Our Way, we stand by the quality and performance of our weather-resistant air dancers. We understand that even the most durable performers can face a few challenges, and that's why we offer a warranty to ensure you're covered.

Our warranty claim process is designed to be simple and hassle-free, ensuring that you can quickly get the support you need. The tube men also come with either a 9", 12", or 18" diameter blower.

Head over to our website and navigate to the Warranty Claim section. You'll find all the necessary information and steps to initiate the claim at checkout.

Looking for More Answers? Look Our Way Is Here To Help

Air dancers are resilient performers, and most problems have simple solutions that can bring back their vibrant dance moves. Our dedicated team at Look Our Way is just a click away, ready to assist you with any further questions or concerns.

Whether you're a business owner, an event planner, or simply someone captivated by the mesmerizing dance of American air dancers, we want your experience to be as joyful as the dance itself.  

LookOurWay brand Air Dancers are made with high-strength polyamide nylon silk.

So, don't hesitate to contact us. You can also check out our FAQ section and customer reviews. Your air dancer journey is just a step away from resuming its lively, eye-catching performance.

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