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What Is a Feather Flag? A Guide for Small Businesses

What Is a Feather Flag? A Guide for Small Businesses

Neon lights, giant LED billboards, and stream advertisements are among the flashiest live advertising tools of the modern age. But, like everything, they're only as effective as long as there's power; once you pull the plug or the power goes down, the advertising stops. 

Fortunately, more traditional advertising methods have survived the modern era of digitization and continue to prove their effectiveness under all conditions detrimental to digital marketing. In this guide, we'll discuss one such marketing method—feather flags. 

Mostly seen at trade shows, fairs, conventions, and other events, feather flags are among the most effective low-cost advertising solutions for attracting attention to your brand. Learn everything you need to know about feather flags for small businesses below. 

What Is a Feather Flag?

Feather flags, also known as swooper flags or flutter flags, are vertical advertising banners attached to lightweight poles and are usually between 8- and 17 feet high and about a yard wide. 

They're designed to swing and flutter freely in the wind, capturing the attention of potential customers toward the marketing message, a graphic, or a combination of the two. 

The feather banners are typically bowed at the top to resemble a feather-like shape—hence the name—but can also be rectangular. In the case of the latter, they're held by a pole with a 90° bend near the top or in place by two lightweight flagpoles. 

The main selling point of custom feather flags, or teardrop flags, is the visual appeal of a flag featuring vibrant colors bowing down and rising back up with the wind in a wave-like motion, which is quite effective at capturing the attention and conveying your brand's message to potential customers. 

Feather flag banners are typically found at venues, grand openings, festivals, outdoor events, trade shows, or storefronts, fluttering in the wind and promoting your business, brand, or service to the masses. 

Feather flags are a type of flag known as windless flags. Depending on their size, they're either suitable for indoor or outdoor use, with 14-foot flags catering to both applications. LookOurWay offers custom feather flags in 5ft, 8ft, 11ft, and 14ft heights, though there are even higher outdoor flags on the market—reaching up to 17 feet.

We offer free designs and templates and full-color printing—following your approval, of course—all printed on a 110g knitted polyester flag material for added durability. As mentioned before, LookOurWay offers single-sided or double-sided printing and a wide selection of feather flag kits that include the flag and the additional hardware

In this section, we'll discuss everything you need to know about custom feather flags offered by LookOurWay. 


Besides making your feather flag stand out with a nice design and quality print, you also need to consider visibility and positioning. You want to place your feather flag in a visible place, depending on the location and flag size. If your flag is located on a busy street, positioning it near the road will increase its visibility. 

Likewise, positioning the flag near the company gate, or at the company's ground near the entrance will also increase the flag's visibility. Indoor feather flags, the 14-foot ones we mentioned earlier, should be placed in an avocation that's clearly visible from various points inside the space. 

Additionally—and this as exception, not a rule—you should consider grouping flags with other businesses inside a particular space, as more flags create a more visually striking display. 

Single- or Double-Sided?

After you've decided on a particular design for your flag, the first subsequent thing you need to decide on is whether you want a single-sided or double-sided print. It's worth noting that the selection of a particular design feature affects the pricing, with double-sided prints typically costing more. 

However, while pricier, they are more aesthetically pleasing, and you'll be able to display your message on both sides of the flag. With single-sided prints, the backside of your design will be visible, meaning your message will appear reversed, and slightly discolored.

Are Feather Flags Difficult To Use?

Despite their impressive visual impact, feather flags are exceptionally easy to use and maintain. They require minimal setup with easy assembly and disassembly, and they're very space-friendly when not in use.

Hoist the Colors

Setting up a feather flag is very straightforward, and it doesn't require any particular skills. Simply unpack the flag, and spread it out on a clean surface. If there happens to be a wrinkle on the flag and you want it removed, you can simply iron it with a regular clothing iron. All our flags are made of polyester, easily ironed on low heat. 

If you're unsure about ironing, contact a professional service to do it for you. Please keep in mind that vinyl banners and flags made by other manufacturers can't be ironed—the heat will melt and warp the material. Fabric banners and flags, such as the ones made by LookOurWay, can be safely ironed. 

Keeping Your Feather Flag Clean

While the flag's size dictates its application—indoor or outdoor—due to height, the polyester material in our flags can withstand all weather conditions. This also means that the flags are exposed to rain, dust outside, and moisture and dust in indoor applications. So, some maintenance, in terms of periodic washing, is necessary.

As stated above, all our flags are made of polyester, which is generally safe to wash at warm temperatures of about 104°F (40°C). This temperature allows for efficient cleaning while also preventing the material from shrinking and ruining your flags. Please don't use a dryer to dry your flags. The high temperatures might adversely affect the fabric—instead, we suggest that you air dry your flags. 

If the fabric is really dirty, we advise a dry cleaner. Washing polyester at temperatures higher than 104°F might negatively affect the fabric.

Why Use Feather Flags for My Next Convention or Event?

Unlike modern advertising, which is predominantly limited to 10-second ads on YouTube, short TV and radio commercials, feather flags, and their unique mixture of aesthetics and affordability, provide continuous advertising. 

They're more likely to catch the passerby's eye than a stationary sign and less annoying than interrupting media ads. Compared to their relatively low price, their effectiveness makes them among the most popular advertising choices for small businesses. 

They're highly customizable and thus allow businesses to express their brand creatively by customizing colors and fonts to align with brand identity. Another reason you should employ feather flags in your marketing strategy is their portability. 

Feather flags are lightweight, easy to transport, and easy to use—perfect if your company frequents trade shows, fairs, or other outdoor events. 

Do You Need Help Ordering Feather Flags?

Source: LookOurWay

Feather flags are incredibly versatile, affordable, and effective advertising tools, especially for small businesses. The affordable price tag doesn't burn a hole in the budget, and the fact that even the most prominent corporations rely on feather flags attests to their effectiveness. 

So, if you're in the market for feather flags, don't hesitate to contact LookOurWay; we offer free mockup designs based on the ideas and instructions you provide and guidance regarding flag design, so you don't have to start from scratch. Contact us today and breathe new life into your brand with feather flags.

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