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The Ultimate Guide to the Types of Banners for Businesses

The Ultimate Guide to the Types of Banners for Businesses

It's likely that your local marketplace is crowded with businesses seeking to attract the attention (and dollars) of consumers. It's more important than ever to use an effective advertising strategy for your small business. The good news is you don't need to spend a ton to do this. There are many types of affordable business banners that enable you to get your company in front of new prospects. If you're new to the banner buying process, it seems daunting trying to figure which type is best for your business. You can sort through your options by reading the guide below.

Vinyl Banners

If any business signage could be crowned the "King of Durability," it's the vinyl banner. The material is tear resistant and suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. Unlike fabric banners, vinyl banners are heavy-duty. Depending on the size of the sign, a bit of manpower might be needed to set them up. Additionally, they can be damaged if they are stepped on or not properly stored. Nevertheless, it's hard to go wrong with vinyl banners, which is why they are a reliable, affordable go-to choice for businesses.

Fabric Banners

If you want your business signage to pop, then consider fabric banners. These high-quality signs are made from satin or polyester. The material is ideal for full-color graphics that can stop anyone in his or her tracks. The other upside to these banners is that they're easy to clean and simple to set up. These crease-resistant banners work well for indoor events like:

  • Presentations
  • Housing promotions
  • Grand openings
  • Sporting events
  • Trade shows

The main downside is that the fabric banners don't hold up well in outdoor conditions. With this in mind, use them only for your indoor promotional needs.

Mesh Banners

Mesh banners are versatile. These signs work just as well outdoors as they do indoors. It's easy to think this mesh material can't stand up to harsh weather conditions, but the opposite is true. The permeability of the mesh allows air to flow through easily. Because of this, you never have to worry about the signage being blown away by strong winds. The sign's construction also stands up well under inclement weather conditions. If you need durable signage that promotes your advertising or branding message, mesh banners can handle the challenge.

Pull-Up and Retractable Banners

Pull-up or retractable banners offer business owners the convenience of an easy set-up. This is helpful when traveling to promotional events. It's hard to ignore these sings, which stand six feet tall. The double-sided graphics is ideal for displaying your business logo and/or advertising messaging. The maximum width is five feet. Because of this, pull-ups work best in small exhibition areas and when you need to supplement your current displays.

Pop-Up Booths and Displays

Pull-up banners are less expensive and easier to set up than pop-up booths and displays. However, pop-ups don't have the same dimension constraints. This means you can make a bigger impact with this type of signage. Pop-ups can extend along the length of an exhibition shell. Although it's made of fabric, it has a sturdy build for greater durability.

Suspended Banners and Hanging Banners

Effective business marketing requires two things: impact and visibility. You can draw the attention of anyone passing by with suspended banners and hanging banners. This signage is displayed above a crowd with the aid of rods and cables. These bold, eye-catching signs come in several style options, including:

  • Square displays
  • Triangle ceiling hanging banners
  • Elliptical suspended banners
  • Circular hanging displays

These business signs are a pleasant departure from the standard fabric banner that suspended in air at two corners. Although installing these banners requires more effort, you get a lot of visual bang for your buck.

Step and Repeat Banners

Do you want potential customers to notice your business? If yes, make it hard for them to ignore your company. Often, exhibition halls have boring, drab walls. Take advantage of this and use it as a blank canvas. You can place step and repeat banners on these surfaces. These signs repeat your logo and company name along the length and width of the fabric. The power of repetition makes it difficult for people passing by to ignore your business.

Backdrop Displays

Appearing at trade shows? Participating in local events? If so, consider a backdrop display. These banners are portable, which makes them a good choice for traveling. You have a variety of styles and sizes to choose from. Common design options include:

Backdrops present your business in a polished, professional manner. Plus, they are easily customized for with your company logo and/or marketing messages. If you adhere to the statement, Go big or go home" You won't be disappointed with a backdrop display.

The number one goal of business banners is to attract the attention of potential customers. This, in turn, gives you a chance to convert them into paying customers. Banners are an affordable investment that can boost your company's bottom line. With so many styles at your fingertips, you can invest in the right signage that suits your budget and advertising needs.         

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