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How to Stay Connected With Your Customers

How to Stay Connected With Your Customers

During hard times, customers want to know that you see them. Certain circumstances can present an opportunity for you to show your customers you're there for them — and remind them that we're all in this together. Here are six ways you can stay connected with your customers during any situation.

1. Have a Positive Impact

Connection means doing whatever you can to help your customers during difficult times. Many businesses have found solace in helping out in these hard circumstances. By lending a hand to those who need it, you can show that you care about your community while reaching people on a personal level, demonstrating that your desire to help goes beyond business. Plus, you'll find that it feels good to offer assistance when you can. Here are a few ways to aid people in your community:

  • Donate to a local food bank.
  • Organize a food drive, following social distancing guidelines if they remain in place for your county.
  • Give your products to local schools or homeless shelters.

2. Communicate Using Reassuring Language

Telling your customers when you plan to reopen, for example, will keep them in the loop and engaged with your company, even if you had to shut down for a couple of months. Deliver your updates with positive language that focuses your customers on your brighter future, not the past. For instance, tell customers how you look forward to serving them rather than complaining about having to shut down. Outline the changes you plan to make, and do it with a smile:

  • Be encouraging throughout your communications.
  • Tell people what choices they have and outline alternatives.
  • Convey what can be done right now.

3. Find out What Your Customers Need

Many of your customers may be in different positions now than they were in the past. Even a steady account could have closed down due to economic factors, for instance. Reach out to your customers to see where they are right now. Ask them about what they need or want and how you can help provide it. Keep the following factors in mind:

  • They may just need to vent or talk because times are tough.
  • You may not be able to solve their problems, but it's possible that one of your contacts can.
  • Now is not the time to push hard on a sale that you had anticipated before the virus — that time may come eventually, but you should let your customer take the lead for the time being.

4. Show Transparency in Everything You Do

Transparency means being honest and open about your business. It could include anything from disclosing that you outsource certain functions in your business to addressing that your old way of doing things won't work anymore, which is true for most companies. Most of the new strategies you implement will serve your customers' needs, so tell them why you're doing things. You'll get fewer complaints when you're honest. You can also try:

  • Seeking customer input on new procedures
  • Explaining your reasoning for other changes you implement
  • Disclosing furloughs or layoffs so that people understand why you did it and avoid spreading rumors

5. Detail Your Safety Precautions

Customers want to know that if they visit your location, they'll stay safe. You have to reassure them by creating new procedures and approaches that will keep them healthy. Publicize these changes so that people know where you stand. Your measures may include:

  • Offering curbside pickup of products
  • Keeping customers at least 6 feet apart while they stand in line, using graphics to help
  • Adding sneeze guards to checkout lanes to protect your workers and your customers

6. Use Products to Show You Care

Reassurance can go a long way during uncertain times. Telling people you're with them will help them feel less lonely and afraid. You can also promote new hours and business practices. Use LookOurWay products to get your point across. We suggest:

Connecting with your customers can preserve valuable relationships during difficult times. To order any of these products or find other ones to suit your needs, get in touch with LookOurWay today.

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