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How to Make Your Next Corporate Event Unforgettable

How to Make Your Next Corporate Event Unforgettable


New and exciting corporate event planning ideas are always in demand. With creativity, hard work and organized planning, corporate events can be transformed from a lackluster, uninspired occasion into a spectacular party where attendees get the experience what you intended. It may be hard to believe but even a business event can be unforgettable through careful and creative corporate event planning. If you're looking for fun company events that provide your employees and shareholders something to remember, consider these corporate event ideas.

Start It Off Right

A spectacular opening ceremony can really set the stage for any company event. When attendees are impressed at the start of the event, they know that the vent will be something special and it can increase the energy level and general mood, get everyone to the site on time and excite the guests. An  inflatable blimp that can be seen in the sky from miles away will get excitement soaring. Having a live performance happening as guests arrive by a well-known artist or local hero will get a serious buzz in the air.

If the event is more formal, requiring guests to check-in, make sure to have enough staff on hand so that the process is smooth and timely. Have greeters who can guide guests into the venue and answer questions. You want everyone to feel comfortable and informed as they come through your doors.

Create an Immersive Experience

Make the entrance into your event special, it's the first impression your guests will get. Create a feeling of entering another world or place. The best way to do this is with a large dark  inflatable tunnel decorated with twinkle lights. You can also create zones or individual areas for congregating and different activities. Create a room with draped flowing fabric or balloons as walls. This can easily be achieved with a few balloon columns made with your company's colors.

Use technology to enhance and decorate your venue. Hiring a reputable audio-visual company will be a valuable investment. Digital lights can create panoramas that can be projected onto a wall or screen to create different ambiances. If you know that guests may be waiting around in one place, create videos that tell stories to keep them entertained. Lights, sounds and gadgets can enhance the experience. Take advantage of digital tools, such as:

  • Photo booths with branded filters
  • AR displays
  • Interactive white boards
  • Crowd-responsive lighting
  • Interactive touch screens that let guests navigate their own path
  • Tweet walls

Create a Personalized Experience

Today's consumers want personalized experiences. Whether you have 20 or 20,000 people, you need to find a way to be inclusive. Have speakers go into the audience to make everyone feel as if they're part of the experience. Make sure your guests have something to do when they're at the event. One of the biggest events in Texas, South by Southwest, customized an app to help event-goers have a better experience. You don't have to get that specific, but you should find a way to help your guests find out what's going on at your event and find things that are important to them.

Give guests something to remember and follow up after the event when they go back to their normal routine. It might something as simple as post a picture on social media with your event hashtag. People love posing for photos on a red carpet. On the way in, have them stop for a photo op in-front of a  custom step and repeat banner and post all the photos in a group or album on social media with a specific hashtag.

Look at the Experience Through Your Guests' Eyes

Make sure to consider what your guests expect to get out of the event. Think about why your guest is attending and their takeaway. What does each guest need to remember about your event? How can you make that happen?

Studies have shown that emotions play into memory. Build inspiration and whimsy into your event. Don't make your event a sales promotion, tooting your own horn. Some fun company event ideas include:

  • Bring in someone inspirational to speak – Think TED Talks
  • Having an artist perform that will impress your audience is always a foolproof idea
  • Bring in a widely loved or popular establishment to cater the event – no one likes bland catered food.
  • Put some novelty into the food decision to make it memorable, bring in a circle of food trucks to cater an outdoor event.
  • Create a games area. Arcade games or something simple like a branded cornhole station will give guests some variety.
  • Depending on the type of event, team building activities can bring an element of fun while building team relationships. For indoor events, consider a series of puzzles or group problems and have each department work on them together.
  • If you are planning a company event for employees, hold an awards ceremony and be sure to give out a serious and more lighthearted award for each department.
  • Hold sweepstakes and giveaways, nothing gets people invested like some nice prizes.
  • Have a contest or challenge that incites excitement. Costume contents are always a blast and bring in bragging rights for years to come.

Remember Your Impact

If you are holding a large event outdoors, you can leave a serious impact on the environment. Make sure you are using products that will create the least amount of waste possible and that are evergreen for future events. This might involve using recycled paper products for food, use glass for drinks, opt of out using paper products like confetti for decorations, try something like reusable balloons. If you put a little more effort into being conscience, your employees will too.

Work with Professionals

Planning a corporate event is a massive undertaking. A professional company with experience in corporate event planning can really give you that extra boost. Professional event planners can come up with custom ideas that will create memories for your guests that last long after the event. Experience in event planning is a valuable asset when trying to bring your ideas t life. They will have the knowledge and connections to execute effectively.

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