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How to Make a Custom Air Dancers ®

How to Make a Custom Air Dancers ®
Who doesn't like those eye-catching, wildly flailing, inflatable air dancers you see outside various businesses, carnivals, or events?

Air dancers are great; they attract attention and direct focus toward your business. The best part about air dancers is that they're fully customizable, allowing you to add shapes and dazzling colors to reflect your unique personality or brand better!

In this guide, we'll go over the different types of air dancers you can order, what you need to know about their design, and how to design high-quality air dancers for your inflatable advertising.

What Type of Air Dancer Do You Need?

Air dances have many names, such as inflatable tube guys, air puppets, tube men, wacky wavies, and tube dancers. They come in different shapes and sizes, each suitable for distinct purposes or events. 

LookOurWay offers a wide selection of inflatable products. Here are some of our most popular options—

Inflatable Tube Men

Inflatable tube men, also known as sky dancers, air dancers, and Tall Boys, are inflatable stick figures composed mostly of sections of fabric tubing attached to a blower. As the fan blows the air through the fabric, the tubing moves dynamically, dancing or flailing. 

Modern versions of these attention-grabbing devices are typically made of nylon or PVC, with a blower attached to the bottom. The whole tube inflates, including the two long arms that flap and wave in the air.

LookOurWay offers Air Dancers Inflatable Tube Men from the world's largest brand of inflatable tube men products. LookOurWay inflatable tube men are made of the highest quality material and with the widest range of designs.

Some models have LED lights attached or custom graphics to enhance the visual appeal and accentuate the tube's motion.

We offer outdoor inflatable tube men and mini air dancers (scaled-down versions of inflatable tube men, which are great for booth areas). The outdoor and indoor versions of inflatable tube men are fully customizable.

Air Wavers™

Though many use "inflatable tube men" and "air wavers" interchangeably, the two products have some notable differences.

The air wavers are a subcategory of tall boys; they're considerably scaled-down—usually about 6ft tall—and feature a single air outlet.

Traditional air dancers have open ends to facilitate air flow, thus allowing them to dance and wave around while also maintaining inflation. Air wavers only have one air outlet on the waving arm. This means that they typically stand still, as both the tube and one of the arms are fully inflated, while the other arm has an air outlet.

The arm with the open end is the one that waves and attracts attention, while the inflated arm directs that attention to your business or booth. LookOurWay offers several different designs of Air Wavers, but you can also visit our website and order a fully customized version as well.

Two-Legged Air Dancers

Two-legged air dancers are inflatable tube men with two separate air-filled legs instead of a single tube. The airflow enters through two separate tubes joining into a single tube with two waving arms.

The airflow in the legs is often dialed down, which creates an even more impressive dancing motion compared to the traditional, single-tube product.

This configuration makes two-legged air dancers particularly impactful in events where you want to inspire a sense of fun and energy, such as sports events, concerts, music festivals, etc. However, they're also great for business promotions, as they're great for grabbing attention.

LookOurWay offers a wide range of customizable two-legged air dancers, allowing users to choose the color, size, logo, text placement, and more. This level of customization allows you to match the air dancer with the visual style of your brand or event theme.

Giant Arrows & Other Signs

LookOurWay also offers a wide selection of non-inflatable signage, like arrow spinner signs, A-frames, and yard signs.

Arrow spinners are perhaps the most recognizable of all; they're often used by sign-spinning street advertisers. They're used to combine the promotional message with a captivating performance.

The constant movement, combined with the entertaining performance of the street advertiser, helps keep attention and ensure that your message is read. On the other hand, Yard signs are a stationary form of advertising and are typically strategically placed on roadside areas or event spaces to promote a brand of display instructions.

And lastly, A-frames are a very durable and efficient way of displaying your message on a sidewalk. They provide directional guidance or advertise special offers your business makes. They're particularly popular among restaurants, retail businesses, and other businesses focusing on attracting pedestrians.


Costume air dancers aren't actually traditional inflatable tube dancing men, but inflatable costumes shaped like air dancers.

These costumes are typically worn by performance advertisers and usually mimic a specific outfit or character.

They're particularly effective during holidays, themed events, or for businesses with a recognizable mascot (such as a Santa Claus inflatable costume or something spooky for Halloween).

LookOurWay offers a range of customizable inflatable costumes to help your business or event attract a bigger crowd.

Other Products

Besides Inflatable Tube Men and the products mentioned earlier, LookOurWay also offers air-dancer blowers, canopy tents, flags, table covers, and all other sorts of inflatables. The full collection includes bounce houses, inflatable tents, inflatable arches, and more.

What You Need To Know About Designing an Air Dancer

Designing a compelling air dancer requires thoughtful consideration because color selection, readability, and design all matter. In this section, we'll provide some useful tips and tricks that can help you DIY your own design.

Let's start with the design, and you can really get creative depending on what type of air dancer you need.

Cigarette brands, for example, often sport the simplest designs, having a white tube with an orange bottom resembling a cigarette. There's sophistication in simplicity, and you can apply that to your brand.

Starting with the overall design, there are several options you can choose from. Most people just make a single design and stick to it, but some choose to mirror the design on the air dancer's back, resulting in a double-sided air dancer—double the sides, double the advertising.

You can even add two distinct designs to each side or use the same design but in a different color scheme. Ultimately, the choice is yours, so choose the design that best reflects your brand or business.

Colors and Color Schemes

Colors and color schemes are the most essential part of your custom design.

Unless you have a specific design that adheres to the standards your business upholds, like the official color scheme, we suggest relying on vibrant colors for your air dancer. You can check out some of the templates LookOurWay offers or create your own.

In the latter's case, we suggest colorful advertising because colorful advertising works. For example, let's say you want to make your air-dancer red, with bright lettering. Making the whole tube and the arms into a single color—red, in our example—would be overwhelming. Instead, pick complementary colors, and create a color scheme.

Instead of making everything a single color, pick another color to go with your primary. Then, customize the air dancer so that the main tube is in your primary color and the arms are painted in your secondary color. This will add a bit of pop to the air dancer and make it more aesthetically appealing to potential customers.

Text and Company Logos

The same basic guidelines apply when it comes to texts and logos on your inflatable tube men. The main text area is on the body of the air dancer. Following the example from before, you should color the text in your secondary color to stand out on the main tube. It's also a good idea to accentuate the text and give it some pop by outlining the font.

Do the same with flailing arms, but make the message simple. Lengthy arm text will force you to compromise font height. That could make your message illegible.

Logos are different; they should contrast the primary color so that you may choose a color scheme based on the color of your logo. It's also placed along the body of the inflatable tube man.

What You Need To Know About Running an Air Dancer

When you order your air dancer from LookOurWay, and it arrives, it's essential to know how to install it and make it dance properly.

Once the air dancer arrives, place the air dancer blower at the location where you want to install your air dancer. Ensure you supply enough power to run the blower; otherwise, you might blow a fuse in your electrical panel. The power requirements will appear on the blower.

With the blower set up, unpack your inflatable tube, man, and locate the bottom of it, which usually features a strip of black fabric, nylon, or PVC. This is the portion of the tube you should attach to the air blower. Most blowers use Velcro tape to secure the air dancer, but the securing mechanism may differ from model to model.

Once you've secured the tube man, you can just hit the "ON" switch on the blower, and your air dancer will soon start dancing and attracting customers. With that said, most blowers come with two preset speeds; the second speed is intended for use during windy periods or in windy areas to prevent the inflatable tube men from tilting to one side.

How To Order Your Free Mockup Design

To order your free mockup design from LookOurWay, head to the company's website and fill out a free design request form. You'll find more detailed instructions below.

Step 1: Select Products

The first step is selecting a product Look Our Way offers. This includes air dancers, flags, tents, giant inflatables, and all the other products we previously mentioned. Pick the product you need and choose a subcategory.

The next page will show you all the air dancers. Browse the options until you're ready to go to the design stage.

Step 2: Design Instructions

Next, you'll use our options to tell us how you want your air dancer to look in terms of color, text, logo placement, etc. After that, choose product size (up to 20 ft tall), product color, and text color—all of these choices are necessary.

If you want to place a logo or a specific custom design, you can choose one. We'd also like to hear more about your business so our team can better bring your vision to life.

Step 3: Contact Info

Please provide us with your contact info in the next step. This includes mandatory details, such as first and last name, phone number, and email address. Furthermore, we'd like to know your company's name, how you heard about us, and any delivery deadline that you might have.

Step 4: Submit Your Request

Once you've filled out the form, submit all the necessary details. A member of our design and sales team will reach out to you shortly with design proofs for you to check out before we apply them to the final product.

Do You Need Assistance Customizing Your Air Dancer?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Making your own custom air dancer is relatively easy with LookOurWay on your side. Just tell us the design you have in mind, submit your contact info, and wait for our team to make your design into reality.

If you have further questions about the air dancers or the accompanying equipment, don't hesitate to contact LookOurWay.

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