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How Loud Is an Air Dancer Blower? Answers and Tips

How Loud Is an Air Dancer Blower? Answers and Tips

Picture this: a colorful, attention-grabbing air dancer swaying in the wind, captivating passersby with vibrant movements. Have you ever wondered about the soundtrack to this dynamic performance? Yes, we're talking about the noise level of the air dancer blower.

Whether you're a business owner considering adding these lively inflatables to your marketing strategy or simply a curious onlooker, understanding the decibel rating of air dancer blowers is essential.

Air dancers have been fixtures in the advertising and event landscape for years, creating an irresistible visual spectacle. In this guide, you'll learn how loud you can expect your air dancer to be and some essential tips to help you control noise and create a better experience.

Are Air Dancer Blowers Loud?

Imagine the blower as the heart and lungs of the air dancer. The blower takes in air, compresses it, and then channels it into the dancer, causing the fabric to billow and dance.

The noise generated by an air dancer blower can vary, but it's generally within the range of 60 to 80 decibels (dB). But why does the noise vary? It's determined by the type of blower you're using.

Commercial blowers, like those found in setups designed for businesses and special events, are crafted to provide the appropriate amount of power to get air dancers grooving. On the other hand, store-bought blowers are often not tuned properly, potentially resulting in a lazy dance or a noisier operation.

Why do sky dancers need a bit of noise to accompany their moves? It's all about the dance itself! Achieving those dynamic, attention-grabbing movements requires a certain level of power. The blower creates the necessary airflow and pressure to inflate the dancer and create those swaying motions that catch the eye.

As we segue into the next section, it's worth noting that not all air dancers are created equal. Different sizes and styles of custom air dancers require different airflow levels to create distinct movements. So, when you hear that familiar hum, know that it's tailored to bring out the best in each dancer, ensuring that every performance is a sight to behold.

What Commercial-Grade Air Blowers Can I Choose and How Loud Are They?

At Look Our Way, we've crafted commercial-grade blowers with precision to support air dancers of various sizes. These blowers are designed for performance and with noise levels in mind. Here's a quick introduction to the three sizes in stock:


Imagine the 9" diameter blower as the gentle breeze that sets the stage for an enchanting dance. This compact powerhouse is perfect for more petite air dancers and pairs perfectly with our 6' air dancer.

Its noise level is approximately 60 decibels (dB), and its power is 1.67 amps. At a distance of 20 feet (the recommended distance), the noise is similar to what you'd hear in an office, inside a car at 60mph, or the whirr of a refrigerator. It's a great choice for streetside displays like grand openings.

Choose the "No Blower" option at checkout if you currently possess a 9" diameter blower and only need a replacement air-dancer attachment.


Stepping up the ladder, we have the 12" blower, a versatile performer that takes the noise level to around 67 dB. It pairs perfectly with our 10' air dancer.

At 20 feet, it can be compared to the hum you'd hear in a shower, a vacuum cleaner, or average radio volume. This blower size is like the dance partner who knows when to step up the tempo and add an energetic flair to the routine.

With its slightly higher noise level, the 12" blower is an excellent choice for events where you want a bit more energy. It's ideal for mid-sized air dancers and scenarios where you want to create a captivating atmosphere without sacrificing comfort.


And now, we reach the 18" blower, which pairs perfectly with our 20' 10' air dancer. Its noise level reaches approximately 76 dB.

At 20 feet, it's comparable to the sound of a car traveling on the freeway or a TV at medium-high volume. This blower means business, ensuring that even larger air dancers steal the spotlight.

The 18" blower is the go-to choice for grand outdoor events, trade shows, attention-grabbing displays, and scenarios where you want your air-dancer inflatable tube man to be unmissable.

As you can see, our commercial-grade blowers fall within the range of familiar background sounds, ensuring that while they contribute to the dance's energy, they don't dominate the auditory space.

Selecting the right blower size depends on the air dancer's dimensions and the performance you're envisioning. The smaller the dancer, the smaller the blower required, and vice versa.

Tips for Minimizing Noise from Your Blower

Opt for Weather-Resistant Blowers

Look Our Way's blowers are not only performance-oriented but also weather-resistant. Rain or shine, our high-quality blowers keep the dance alive without skipping a beat. You won't have to worry about harsh weather conditions or damage, ensuring that your air dancer remains ready for outdoor use even when the skies decide to join the act.

Adequate airflow is essential for your blower to function smoothly. Our weather-resistant blowers are equipped with well-designed ventilation systems that ensure proper air circulation while keeping unwanted noise at bay. So, not only do they handle rain like a champ, but they also keep things breezy inside.

They're also engineered with durable materials that resist corrosion and wear, ensuring a longer lifespan. This means fewer disruptions and less noise from maintenance or repairs.

But that's not all. LOW's commitment to quality doesn't stop at weather resistance. We also offer a 1-year manufacturer's defect warranty, giving you peace of mind as you set the stage for your air dancer's performance.

Ensure You Have Enough Space for Comfort (20 ft.)

Imagine yourself at a concert; the further you stand from the stage, the more balanced and enjoyable the music becomes. The same principle applies to your air dancer's blower noise. To minimize the impact of blower noise, ensure that you have ample space between the blower and your audience or sensitive areas.

Maintaining a distance of at least 20 feet can significantly reduce the noise's perceived volume, creating a comfortable auditory experience.

When your tall air dancer has enough space to breathe and perform, its dance becomes more captivating. The accompanying hum of the blower blends seamlessly into the background.

Put the Blower in an Appropriate Container (For example, a Dampening Box)

Imagine your air dancer's blower as the beating heart of the performance. To ensure its rhythm blends seamlessly with the surroundings, consider housing it within a specially designed container, such as a dampening box.

This innovative approach allows you to create a buffer that absorbs and reduces the noise generated by the blower, making it less noticeable to those enjoying the dance.

The blower needs to push a sufficient amount of air into the dancing tube man to inflate it and bring it to life. This airflow is essential for the dance's movement and visual impact.

When constructing a dampening box, remember to raise it to the same blower height using caster wheels. Additionally, provide ample holes or vents for proper airflow, ensuring that the tube guy remains inflated and continues to dance with energy.

Need Advice About Air Blowers?

You are now prepared to design air-dancer performances that blends in seamlessly with any surroundings, from comprehending blower noise levels and choosing the appropriate size to managing noise and embracing novel solutions.

However, the dance need not end here. Our team at Look Our Way is here to continue the conversation if you have any remaining inquiries or if you're keen to learn more about our collection of air dancers.

We are only a click away if you want additional details on blowers, air dancer sizes, or any other component of the captivating dance.

Make sure that your upcoming occasion, promotion, or exhibition is a visually stunning symphony of sound, motion, and color. Contact us today!

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