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Best Promotional Products for Sports and Football Games

Best Promotional Products for Sports and Football Games

Promotional Products and Inflatables for Sports and Football Games

As a coach, organizer or school admin you know people love sports. A major draw of football and other sports games is the atmosphere is fun and competition. Hyping a team and engaging fans is similar to promoting a business and attracting an audience. Many promotional products can be used to foster that exciting atmosphere, get people invested in teams and drive success for the entire operation.

While an inflatable football helmet or a mascot tube man may seem like little more than silly fun at first glance, they can substantially add to the sports experience. Every team whether professional, amateur and education-related survives in some part due to its ability to draw a crowd. There's a big difference when someone approaches a naked field vs. a field full of color, mascots, flags, etc. So, understanding the best  promotional products for sports games can be important to building the community around your team.

Creating an Exciting Day-Of Atmosphere

Although many fans watch their favorite teams online or on TV, there is nothing quite like going to a game in person. A lot of this is due to the energy and atmosphere at the event itself. The sense of competition, the revelry and the excitement are all amplified.

Well-designed venues can add to this sense of excitement. For years, teams have used mascots to help them get people excited for the experience. The more the fans are engaged in the game, the better it is for the team.

mascot tube man is a simple way to add to this. It is fun, shows off the team's branding and adds a natural energy to its environment. Using several to line the walkway from which fans approach the venue is even better.

Perhaps you have personnel dedicated to team spirit. Consider using a custom flag for a flag run to drum up excitement.

Another useful promotional tool is an inflatable football helmet. It is a great photo opportunity for fans who want to remember the day. It is also a simple way to highlight team logos in a band- and event-relevant manner.

Keep the excitement going during the run-up to the game or during breaks in play with promotional games and giveaways. A prize wheel works great for this.

Beyond simply showing off the team colors, these products add a sense of occasion to the proceedings. When your team demonstrates that it is invested in the game, your fans and supporters will be more excited and interested. This can pay off significantly in ticket sales, contributions and general support for your organization.

Directing Attention

One of the challenges of sporting events is that they are busy. It can be difficult to keep things organized and direct people's attention to the right places. Some promotional products can help with this.

For example, custom inflatable tunnels draw the crowd's attention to where the team will emerge from at the start of the game. It is a simple visual cue to let people know where to look. Additionally, it is another chance to show off the team colors, logo and anything else you may consider important.

Another tool you can use is a canopy such as an inflatable dome. These can be used for ticketing, refreshment vending and other important locations. They provide shade to your staff while also drawing the attention of attendees. It is a simple way to highlight an important area.

Other signage can also be helpful. Feather flags, for example, can help to highlight the entrance to the venue. Signs can let people know where to find the bathroom or what they can order from the refreshments stand. These are just a few of the promotional products you can use:

  • Printed table covers
  • Inflatable arches
  • Teardrop flags
  • Custom balloons

You can equip your staff with handheld signs like spinner arrows to help direct people. Small touches like that can make directions clear and more fun.

Products For Days Without a Game

Most teams don't play every day. However, you can still take advantage of many of the same products on the off days. Flags can let passers-by know which team plays at the venue. Window signs can let people know when upcoming games will be.

Reach out to and reward season ticket holders and other major supports with promotional polo shirts and other apparel. Similarly, you can get promotional t-shirts to either give away or sell at games to fans. These serve as reminders at home about your team and the great experiences they've had before.

Promoting Your Sports Team

Even amateur and school teams need to promote themselves to maintain support and interest. College-level sports can be big business, despite being officially amateur. Investing in promoting your team with products like inflatable football helmets and custom inflatable sports tunnels can strengthen the support base for your team and organization.

See what promotional products would work for your team. Your fans will appreciate the effort.

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