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Pelican's Snoballs Air

Dancers® Inflatable Tube Man
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Price: $119.95
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The custom Pelican's Snoballs Air Dancers® Inflatable Tube Man by LookOurWay is guaranteed to attract BIG attention to your franchise. Choose between our 6ft, 10ft and 20ft Model, all proudly wearing a Peclian's approved design. Each inflatable tube man is printed in full color using our industry leading Dye Sublimation process that is then hand finished using high-quality materials to ensure your new Tube Man last as long as possible. 

If you require any assistance or have any inquiries about placing your order, please don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated Account Executive, Dan Workman, at . We are here to ensure your ordering experience is nothing short of exceptional. View the entire Pelican's Snowballs catalog: https://lookourway.com/collections/pelicans-snoballs.

Note: All Pelican's Snoballs Air Dancers are made to order and take about 2 weeks to produce.

The 20ft Custom Air Dancers® Inflatable Tube Men is the largest and most visible model on offer. Customizing a super large tube man like this allows you to get huge letters and designs displayed vertically all the way up the tube and arms surface.

A customizable 10ft Air Dancers® Inflatable Tube Men is a great choice for staying vertically visible and works great for smaller outdoor or indoor areas. 

Customize a 6ft tall Air Dancers® Inflatable Tube Men and bring your tube man on the road. The most cost-effective way to make your logo and messaging dance, the 6ft tall custom tube guy is perfect for sidewalks, just outside your doors, or beside your event booth. Logos, text, full-color backgrounds, we can do it all.

A blower is required for use and each attachment is compatible with LookOurWay’s 9”, 12”, or 18” inch blowers.

All blowers have an 8ft cord length.

20’ pairs with 18” blower - 110v/60hz, 11 amps
10’ pairs with 12” blower - 110v/60hz, 5.8 amps
6’ pairs with 9” blower - 115v/60hz, 1.67 amps 

Weight: 2 lb