Balloons available in 30 vibrant colors

Retains shape in extreme temperatures

Maximum fade resistance technology

DuraBalloon® Outdoor Replacement Balloons

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electric-balloon-inflator-deflator-pump reusable-vinyl-balloon-inflator-deflator-pump
Reusable Vinyl Balloon Inflator Deflator Pump
Reusable Vinyl Balloon Inflator Deflator Pump
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Reusable Vinyl Balloon Inflator Deflator Pump
Sku: 10M8010200 5 reviews
Reusable Vinyl Balloon Inflator Deflator Pump
The Reusable Vinyl Balloon Inflator Deflator Pump by lookourway is the best option to ensure your reusable vinyl balloons stay fully inflated. The two-way action of the pump ensures quick inflation with very little effort! The attached tips are a perfect size to fit and hold inside your inflation port while inflating. Reverse the detachable hose and you can deflate your project in no time. This pump is ideal for outdoor inflation where electrical may not be easily accessible. It also helps keep the air in your project the same temperature as the surrounding outdoor air, keeping tight inflation in cooler outdoor temperatures.
Balloon Double-Action Hand Pump With Tips
Balloon Double-Action Hand Pump With Tips
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Balloon Double-Action Hand Pump With Tips
Sku: 10M8010201 2 reviews
Balloon Double-Action Hand Pump With Tips


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Product Info

**NOTE: These are NOT replacements for our standard outdoor balloons** 

These are replacement outdoor balloons for all DuraBalloons® Kits. These fit DuraBalloon® cluster kits sold through LookOurWay.

These balloons are inspected and tested for 100% defect-free quality.

The unique elastic material retains the shape of the balloon and offsets extreme temperature changes. Offered in 30 colors/designs as well as full color 360 customization capabilities. Our maximum fade resistance technology and easy inflation process makes this the next great innovation for getting your business noticed!

Shape: Round Shaped - Molded Panel
Measurement: 18" x 18"
Weight: .68lb

Electric pump/compressor is recommended for inflation.

WARNING: Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers, Reproductive Harm -


Return Policy

Please read our return policy here.

Warranty Info

LookOurWay® Duraballon® outdoor balloons are covered by our 1-month limited warranty against workman defect (from the date of purchase). We reserve the final right to grant warranty approval. Cases will not be approved for misuse, neglect, or user error.

Shipping Info

Ships to all 48 U.S. contiguous states.
Please contact us for shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, or internationally.

Maintenance Info

Whenever possible, avoid direct sunlight or temperature increases the following 12 hours while the balloon material resets.

Specifications Info

  • 100% Defect Free
  • Balloons available in 25 vibrant colors
  • Retains shape in extreme temperatures
  • Maximum fade resistance technology


How long do the balloons last?
The balloons will not pop unless punctured.  However, over time some balloon colors (like red) may fade a little depending on the product line and climatic conditions.  Typically, the lower the product line the faster certain colors may fade and the sun UV intensity is the other factor involved.  We put the lifespan at 6 months because about that time the balloons tend to accumulate dirt and other outdoor grime on their surface, deteriorating the original sheen/brilliance of the balloon and we feel should be replaced. They will stay shiny as long as the surface is relatively clean.

How big are the balloons?
DuraBalloons® Enhanced is 18" tall and 18" wide. These measurements may vary depending on the temperature of the balloon during inflation and how much you inflate them.

What do you inflate the balloons with?
The balloons use air and are supported by a fiberglass rod. No helium is required.  Do not use helium as it is a very active gas and will escape thru the material over time causing a saggy look. You may use one of our air pumps to inflate the outdoor balloons.

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