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Types of Advertising Flags

Types of Advertising Flags

The Guide to Advertising Flags

Advertising for your company can bring awareness, attract customers, and build your brand. It sometimes requires a lot of creativity and original thinking, all while keeping your marketing budget in mind.  Advertising flags can give you the color, contrast, and low-cost that you may be looking for. They can work for a variety of companies and target markets, and they are perfect for the outdoors. Here are the types of flags for advertising and the options you have with each.

Feather Banners

The feather flag is a traditional promoting sign that can be both effective and low maintenance. The banner is lightweight and tall, and the bright colors and words are designed to catch the attention of new customers or clients. Due to its high visibility and economic structure, it can be a very cost-efficient outdoor advertisement for your business.

Small Feather Flags

Depending on your vision, you might enjoy using the 5ft banner. After fully assembled and mounted on the pole, the flag stands 7ft tall and 2.5ft wide. This size can be custom-designed, or you can choose between 200 styles of flags to find the one that is most effective. A few of the advertising categories include the following topics:

  • Sales
  • Events
  • Financial services
  • Auto
  • Car washes
  • General business
  • Real Estate

Any in-stock items can be shipped on the same day you order. Small business flags can be ideal for those looking for inexpensive advertising methods. The bright colors and unique design can have a lot of impact and attract more customers.

Large Feather Flags

If you are looking for something even bigger and eye-catching, check out the 12ft feather flags. These can be an effective way of giving potential customers a bit of what you have to offer. With plenty of pre-designed option to choose one, you can pick a few that fit your needs. You can also consider customizing a banner with your logo.

With the pole mount, these signs end up being 15ft tall. However, the banners are very lightweight and can be transported easily. There are three types of pole sets and bases that you can purchase with your flag:

  • • Feather Flag Ground Spike Pole Set ($50)
  • • Feather Flag X Stand Pole Set (70$)
  • • Feather Flag Pole Set Kit - Cross Base X-Stand & Water Bag Set ($75)

Depending on where you set up your flags and what kind of weather you encounter, you may need a heavy-duty mount. Keep in mind that banner flags are designed to stay sturdy and visible even with the wind blowing past the fabric.

Teardrop Flags

Another popular flag style is the teardrop design. The teardrop banner is made from knitted polyester material and remains sturdy with or without wind. Double sided flags are vibrant and can be viewed from both sides well.

You can use this style to add color to your business, promote sales or deals, or inform potential customers of what you have to offer. Teardrop flags are customized and come in three sizes:

  • 7ft
  • 9ft
  • 12ft

Fill out the customizing form and enter in any data that is vital to the design of your teardrop flag. You can choose to add a fiberglass pole set to the order. Depending on where you are planning on placing your flags, you can choose to add a ground spike, X-stand, and water bag to help keep your flag sturdy.

Custom Flags

To make the banner even more useful, you can have a flag custom-designed to fit your company's needs. You can personalize the banners by adding your logo, inserting a specific tagline or phrase, or advertising a unique feature.

Ordering a customized flag is a simple process. With an online form, you can choose what size of flag you want, how many you need, and whether you want a double or single sided flag. Upload your logo or another type of art template, and type in any specific design directions such as the following guidelines:

  • Colors
  • Messages
  • Text
  • Placement of logo
  • Location of words

Try to upload vector images so that the image files can be scaled correctly and look professional. If you have trouble creating your own flag design, a design request service below the custom order form can be used to help you come up with a few mockup designs. You can also call and discuss your concerns or questions.

Find the Right Advertising Flag for You

It's important to find fresh methods of marketing that work well for your company. Advertising flags can give you the durability and color you need for an outside advertisement. They can support themselves with pole mounts and can stand tall and bright among an urban setting.

Advertising banners are also easy to transport. If your company deals with a lot of trade shows or conferences, you can use flags to promote your business, and if you ever change locations, you don't have to leave your marketing tools behind. With both feather and teardrop flags, you can add a little more contrast and distinction to your company. 

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