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Sharing ideas on how to grow your business and generate opportunities.

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Essentials for a Professional Business Presence at Sponsored Events

Essentials for a Professional Business Presence at Sponsored Events


When showcasing your business at a sponsored event, such as a festival, charity, walk, marathon or any other occasion, there are steps you can take to look professional and well-presented. You'll also want to create as much brand awareness as possible to take advantage of the extra exposure from the event goers. These events are a great opportunity to get in front of many people you wouldn't have the opportunity to showcase your business to otherwise. Using attractive promotional items like branded  custom canopy tents will create an immersive environment for participants and passersby. Adequate planning, creativity and the right set of accouterments can make you distinguishable even from a distance and leave a lasting impression. Here are a few promotional items and advertising products to consider for your next sponsored event.

Custom Pop Up Tents and Branded Canopy Tents

Create an eye-catching presence on the sidewalk or in any event venue with custom pop up tents and custom canopy tents featuring your company logo, colors and messaging. Choose between five feet and 10 feet canopy sizes for corporate events, trade shows, festivals, parties or even tailgating events. Fortune 500 companies, large-scale event production companies, food trucks, and retailers from wireless, tax services, mattress and furniture stores, and more all are known to use canopy tents.

Commercial grade tents are built with heavy-duty materials resistant to water, scratching and UV rays. They are offered in multiple sizes and feature:

  • Heavy duty steel frames, with an option to go lighter by choosing aluminum
  • Complete packages containing tents, accessories, hardware and bags
  • Easy set up with pin adjustment mechanism
  • Adjustable legs and canopy height
  • Optional add-on pop up tent walls available for creating a room-like enclosure
  • Easily transportable in a 68"x10"x10" box
  • Available in pre-printed, plain white and custom designs
  • Ability to custom design your own tent

Business Custom Table Covers

Custom table covers utilize the prime advertising space that tables present at any venue. Customize  business table cloths for your company with your choice of colors, fonts and logos that create a professional look and increase brand awareness. Whether your booth is at a festival, farmer's market, trade show or business convention, a professionally designed display with an optimal font size can let people know where you are.

Business Logo Apparel

Custom apparel and uniforms provide a professional appearance for your employees. Caps, hats, T-shirts, polo shirts and outerwear with your logo on it bring your presence to the next level of professionalism. Custom apparel for your employees also serves as a mobile branding and marketing tool.

Custom Balloons

Showcase your business logo and tagline brightly and visibly above the rest by using helium-free balloons. Outdoor and indoor vinyl balloons are reusable, and they maintain their colors and shape for six months. Unlike helium balloons, outdoor reusable balloons are resistant to fading by the sun and temperature changes. Permanent balloons offer the following features:

  • 360 degrees full color printing with Pantone matching
  • Made from long-lasting plastic with resistance to temperature and UV rays
  • Sag resistant
  • Quickly inflatable with a pump or by mouth
  • Tight sealing as in a pool float
  • Balloon stem attachment for a perfect long-lasting display

Business Signs

Business signs maximize the impact of every space and nook and cranny at your venue: trade show displays, banners, A-frame signs, LED light boxes and door mats, to name a few. Choose from our in-stock models or customize your own with our designers.

  • Banners: The wide selection of custom banners for use at sponsored events include vinyl banners, retractable pull up banners, mesh banners, tension fabric banners, straight display backdrops and step and repeat backdrop banners, among others.
  • A-frame signs: Direct and invite foot traffic to your business' spot a sign you can put anywhere and change the messaging throughout the event.

Custom Feather Banners

Capture the attention of passersby using  customized feather banners that tower nearly 20ft in the air. Here are some of the benefits of feather flags:

  • Low set up and replacement costs
  • Available in several sizes, models and designs
  • Portable and easy to set up
  • Performance on the level with online marketing methods
  • Easy and effective visibility during big events
  • Customization options to target the desired audience

All of these promotional advertising products for business will give your business a professional appearance at any sponsored event. People will notice you more, feel comfortable approaching you, and have a positive impression of you which will lead to them thinking of you in the future. 

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